Selecting the Optimal Building System Using Multiple Criteria Decision Making Emphasising on Three Methods of TOPSIS , SAW, AHP

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1 Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad University,karaj branch

2 MSc, Department of Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad University, karaj branch


Nowadays, various factors complicate the decision making process and the need to make decisions that consider all the factors in question, they are more than ever before. The internal and external researchers, have shown interest in the multi-criteria decision making. In our study, the method includes a multi-criteria decision making method such as Analytical Hierarchy Process, Simple additive weighting and TOPSIS )Technique for order-prefrence by similarity to ideal solution(  to solve the selection problem of building efficient systems we have used. Systems that have been evaluated in this issue include: Lightweight Steel Frames, Insulating concrete formwork, 3D-PANEL and Prefabricated reinforced concrete systems. Required data using the questionnaire sample (n = 150) were examined. Questionnaires among the mass of experts, academic institutions and conferences were distributed. According to the research results, using different methods of decision making, the results will yield fairly similar, so that all three methods, Prefabricated reinforced concrete systems in the first place, and the Lightweight Steel Frames system was in the Second place. The Prefabricated reinforced concrete systems, in terms of administrative and economic criterias, in the first place, and the system Lightweight Steel Frames, ranked first in terms of environmental criteria accounted for.


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